Pharma “MeToo” Moments

Posted by Cello Admin on August 21, 2018  /   Posted in Newsletters

The #metoo movement brought to light many other gender issues.  In pharma:

External: In December 2017, JAMA published a study on industry payments to physicians, showing that male physicians received a greater number and higher value of industry payments (not including research funding) than female physicians, by a median difference of $1,470 annually.

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Dear FDA

Posted by Cello Admin on March 28, 2017  /   Posted in Newsletters

dear-fda-imageDear FDA:

We know that our president called together the top executives in the pharmaceutical industry just a few weeks ago.   Although it is a bit hazy what exactly was discussed,1 a directive from our administration is that, for every new regulation passed, two should be repealed.  It is not clear whether this topic was discussed at the meetings with the executives of our industry, and some have said that it may not apply to the FDA,2  but…

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Troubled Waters in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by Cello Admin on January 17, 2017  /   Posted in Newsletters

watersThe biopharma industry has dramatically influenced the outcomes of many disease states, including but not limited to AIDS/HIV, hepatitis C, cancers, and many cardiovascular conditions.  Despite such impacts, Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” comes to mind in terms of the pharma industry in 2016.

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The Big Corporation of the Future Will Resemble the Little Corporation Today

Posted by Cello Admin on May 18, 2016  /   Posted in Newsletters

Last year, former Cisco CEO John Chambers said that “soon, you’ll see huge companies with just 2 employees – the CEO and the CIO.”

Similar to other crazy predictions that have been made by John Chambers (such as opening your hotel room door with your smartphone), this prediction may also come true. In small corporations, we already understand that dynamic. Regardless of your sector (retail, manufacturing, financial services, you name it), every business is technology-based today, elevating the CIO to the second position, after the CEO who manages the company.

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FMVs – Guns and Butter?

Posted by Cello Admin on December 18, 2015  /   Posted in Newsletters

gunsandbutterSaturday Night Live had a character named Father Guido Sarducci (actor Don Novello), who had the remarkable ability to distill four years of a college major into three words.

For those studying Spanish, the magic words were “¿Como está usted?”

For economics majors: Guns and Butter.

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Death on the Weekend

Posted by Cello Admin on November 01, 2015  /   Posted in Newsletters

weekendAbout 3 years ago, Dr. Perri Klass, a well-known pediatrician and Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics at New York University, gave a talk with her mother, Sheila Solomon Klass, on their book: “Every Mother Is a Daughter: the Neverending Quest for Success, Inner Peace, and a Really Clean Kitchen.” The dynamic between Perri Klass and her mother mesmerized more than 300 in the audience that Sunday.

I didn’t think about Dr. Klass again until I read her moving and frightening article in the New England Journal of Medicine in January of this year, “Death Takes a Weekend1,” contrasting her viewpoint of the hospital on the weekends during her residency with her more recent encounter during her mother’s last and final stay in a hospital.

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How Long Is Too Long to Keep a Physician Online?

Posted by Cello Admin on June 01, 2015  /   Posted in Newsletters

physicianonlineIn this age of limited budgets, the tendency during survey tool development is to squeeze in just one more question—often by each person reviewing the tool.

So, when does a physician’s attention span start to drop off in an online survey? This is a particularly critical metric in our business, where online research is the basis of forecasts that inform licensing deals. We want the highest accuracy possible.

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Let’s Change Terminology: Forecast? Prediction?

Posted by Cello Admin on January 01, 2015  /   Posted in Newsletters

forecastrA potential new client recently asked me how often preapproval product forecasts hit the mark and match actual sales. The answer is, “rarely,” and that applies to the entire forecasting discipline in our industry. I shared with him a recent McKinsey study mentioned in our last e-newsletter. McKinsey studied forecasts among 260 drug launches from 2002 through 2011 and found that the forecaster usually got it wrong: more than 60% of the forecasts were over or under by more than 40% of actual peak revenues.1

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